12 Hairstyle Ideas Proving the Rachel Haircut Is Still Thriving in 2023

Lisa was interviewed in this article for The Right Hair Styles.

The Rachel haircut, made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit TV show Friends in the 90s, has remained a beloved and iconic hairstyle for decades. Despite being nearly 30 years old, the Rachel haircut continues to be popular and relevant in 2023. Its appeal lies in its versatile and flattering layers, which can be adapted to suit a variety of face shapes and hair types. Read on to explore the modern variations of the Rachel haircut that make it still thrive today!

What is The Rachel 2.0 Haircut?

The Rachel 2.0 haircut is a modern take on the original Rachel haircut Rachel haircut, featuring longer layers and a more relaxed, undone texture. “Framing around the face is the give away,” Lisa Amato, our consulting expert stylist adds. This updated version is perfect for those who want lots of bouncy layers and added volume.

How to Style the Rachel Hairstyle?

The overall look relies much on the styling, but it’s quite easy, Lisa says. “I tell clients to add a mouse or volume spray at the roots, on wet hair. One of my favorite products is Mousse Bouffant by Kerastase. It has a flexible hold and anti frizz.” Heat protection is also vital, thus follow up with Lisa’s favorite Thermique Blow Dry by Kerastase – or the one you prefer – spaying it on mid-ends.

Then, use a round brush to add volume at the roots and get the bouncy movement in the hair. When styling the face-framing layers, place the round brush under the strands and move it forward to give hair the iconic heart shape. “If clients have a hard time using round brushes at home, I suggest velcro roller or hot rollers on dry hair. And, of course, the Dyson air wrap is perfect for beautiful flippy movement on the ends,” Lisa notes.

After blow drying, add a little texture spray for volume and light hold to finish. The texture spray Lisa Amato would recommend is This is Dry Texturizer by Davines. “It is reworkable to go back and touch up, and has a natural look and feel,” explains the stylist.

The Rachel Green “Rachel” was styled with maximum volume and hairspray, which made the hair chunky and piecey. While fun, the modern look will have a softer finish. For example, you can just add a workable paste to define all the texture in your hair, Lisa recommends.

Looking to embrace Rachel’s signature hairstyle while adding a unique twist to it? Check out some great variations of the modern Rachel cut to find inspiration for your next hairstyle!

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