12 Hairstyle Ideas Proving the Rachel Haircut Is Still Thriving in 2023

Lisa was interviewed in this article for The Right Hair Styles.

The Rachel haircut, made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit TV show Friends in the 90s, has remained a beloved and iconic hairstyle for decades. Despite being nearly 30 years old, the Rachel haircut continues to be popular and relevant in 2023. Its appeal lies in its versatile and flattering layers, which can be adapted to suit a variety of face shapes and hair types. Read on to explore the modern variations of the Rachel haircut that make it still thrive today!

What is The Rachel 2.0 Haircut?

The Rachel 2.0 haircut is a modern take on the original Rachel haircut Rachel haircut, featuring longer layers and a more relaxed, undone texture. “Framing around the face is the give away,” Lisa Amato, our consulting expert stylist adds. This updated version is perfect for those who want lots of bouncy layers and added volume.

How to Style the Rachel Hairstyle?

The overall look relies much on the styling, but it’s quite easy, Lisa says. “I tell clients to add a mouse or volume spray at the roots, on wet hair. One of my favorite products is Mousse Bouffant by Kerastase. It has a flexible hold and anti frizz.” Heat protection is also vital, thus follow up with Lisa’s favorite Thermique Blow Dry by Kerastase – or the one you prefer – spaying it on mid-ends.

Then, use a round brush to add volume at the roots and get the bouncy movement in the hair. When styling the face-framing layers, place the round brush under the strands and move it forward to give hair the iconic heart shape. “If clients have a hard time using round brushes at home, I suggest velcro roller or hot rollers on dry hair. And, of course, the Dyson air wrap is perfect for beautiful flippy movement on the ends,” Lisa notes.

After blow drying, add a little texture spray for volume and light hold to finish. The texture spray Lisa Amato would recommend is This is Dry Texturizer by Davines. “It is reworkable to go back and touch up, and has a natural look and feel,” explains the stylist.

The Rachel Green “Rachel” was styled with maximum volume and hairspray, which made the hair chunky and piecey. While fun, the modern look will have a softer finish. For example, you can just add a workable paste to define all the texture in your hair, Lisa recommends.

Looking to embrace Rachel’s signature hairstyle while adding a unique twist to it? Check out some great variations of the modern Rachel cut to find inspiration for your next hairstyle!

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Balayage for Curly Hair

Lisa Amata was once again interviewed in Latest Hairstyles about Balayage for Curly Hair.

Balayage for curly hair is a modern coloring technique that creates a chic dimension, highlighting the cut and curls’ texture exceptionally. You can go for a subtle sun-kissed effect or go all out with heavier highlight placement. The choice is yours!

Recently, I had a conversation with Lisa Amato, a professional and independent stylist in Denver, CO. She revealed a few balayage secrets for curly-haired girls.

Key Things to Know First

  • Find a hairstylist that’s experienced with curly hair. Visit their website or Instagram to learn more about their work. Schedule a consultation first to ask questions.
  • Please talk about your routine and the amount of upkeep you’re willing to put in with your stylist.
  • L’oreal Professional Blond 7 Clay or Blonde Studio 9 – Bonder Inside are great products to use during the session. Both can lift the base color slowly without obtaining damage.
  • The L’oreal Professional Curl Expression line is excellent for at-home care to nourish and hydrate hair.
  • Book a gloss session six weeks after the initial appointment for vibrant and healthy color.
  • Ask about adding fringe or bangs to your curly hairstyle.

Amato also advised bringing some visual inspiration to the consultation.

24 Stunning Ideas

Visit article to see some pictures of the most attractive ways to rock balayage for curly hair.

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TradeMarc Salon Covid-19 Update

We have missed you all maybe more than you missed us! Thank you for your patience while we have been closed. We know it’s been a while since we’ve communicated with you, but unfortunately information has been changing daily and we weren’t able to make a solid plan. We’re getting our information from the Governor and other Regulatory Agencies regarding when we can open. When we do get to return, it will not look like business as usual.

Some of our schedules may be changing. We can only have a limited amount of people in the space at one time so we may need to work in shifts. Please be patient with us while we figure out our scheduling. If you have already booked an appointment, it is possible that it will need to be changed. Your stylist will be reaching out to you if you are already booked to work something out. If you do not already have an appointment and would like to contact us please check our online booking or email us. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

We all need to work together to make this successful, and you are a huge part of that. All of our staff are certified in proper sanitation and safety protocol. This is a list of all of the things that we’d like you to do to help all of us…

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  • Maintain social distancing within the salon as much as possible.
  • Credit card only (no cash). You may also use Venmo, PayPal or Apple Pay if your stylist accepts these forms of payment.
  • By appointment only. No walk-in appointments.

We pride ourselves in giving a friendly luxury service. Many of the little things we like to do for you may be banned at this time. While we are not positive on the official guidelines yet, this is what it may look like:

  • We won’t be able to offer a drink
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  • You may need to come in with freshly shampooed hair
  • We ask that you do not touch any retail items unless your intent is to purchase

Because of this, your appointment might not feel like what you’re accustomed to, but know we will return to the Trademarc experience as soon as possible.

Trademarc takes the health and safety of our clients and team extremely seriously. Even with the new safety protocols in place, we are unable to completely eliminate the possibility of anyone becoming infected in our space.

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