Mad About Mad Men: How to Get Don and Megan Draper’s Signature Hairstyles

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Whether you live in Brooklyn, New York or Boulder, Colorado, you see Mad Men-inspired fedora hats, pocket squares, Ray Ban sunglasses and skinny jeans everywhere. But what everyone is truly trying to recapture are the hairstyles. At any red carpet event you will see your favorite A-list celebrities sporting these clean sleek looks. We’ve created a series of Mad-Men inspired hair tutorials so all ladies and gents have the opportunity to re-create these chic styles at home.

The Don Draper ‘Do

Where do we start? At the top of course! For you Don Draper wannabes, here’s how to get your Sterling Cooper Advertising hair.

1. First make sure you have a GOOD haircut. Have the back and sides tapered and slightly longer on top.

2. To style, make sure your hair is still damp. Using a fine tooth comb and your product of choice, start by creating a side part with your natural part and sleek it back. You can also use your comb to create a wave in the front.

Done! Now you look like you work on Madison Avenue with the rest of the Sterling Cooper Crew. Now for the products to try in order to achieve Don’s look. Oribe Original Pomade is ideal for those with extreme control issues who need to shine the brightest while Murdock’s Matt Putty will give you that slicked back, vintage look without the oily texture.

The Megan Draper Pony

Now for you sexy kittens who want that vintage Grace Kelly look, check out Megan Draper’s sultry style. Whether you’re an aspiring actress or just want to hang in your local speakeasy, here’s a quick way to style your hair and look camera ready.

Megan Draper is no stranger to her classic bob. Fake hair was popular even in the 60’s. This would be one quick way of styling if your hair is too short to pull up. Get a “Fall”, a 3/4 hair piece or a clip-on pony that matches your own color, and in seconds you have the illusion of longer hair. Check out Vogue Wigs if that is the route you want to go.

For those with medium length or longer hair…

1. First, blow dry your hair with a volumizing hair product to give it some texture. You either a root lifter or volume spray.

2. Use a round brush to work some volume in your hair at the end of your blow dry.

3. At this point, you have a couple of different options for hot tools. Hot rollers in the hair work great or using a curling iron to make big barrel curls to set the hair is fine too.

4. Once curls are cooled off, brush the hair using a boar bristle brush.

5. Brush your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

6. To set the whole look, spray with hairspray and sleek the sides. A 60’s style wouldn’t be complete without HAIRSPRAY!

Try Kerastase Mousse Volumactive for flexible hold, insane volume and blow dry protection. Finish the style with Bumble and bumble’s Spray de Mode for hold, workability and exceptional memory. It also holds up to heat and repeated brushing.

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