The Difference Between a Hair Glaze and a Hair Gloss

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For high-voltage shine.

Ever wonder how your favorite celebs have the shiniest hair…ever? We’re here to let you in on a little secret: more often than not, your favorite A-listers are going for a gloss or a glaze every few weeks. Glosses and glazes-which are both very similar-help to give your hair a high-voltage shine to make it appear lustrous and ultra-healthy. Want to know more? We chatted with hairdresser and L’Oréal Professionnel Artist DJ McGinley to get the dish on glosses and glazes!

Hair Gloss Boulder

What Are Glosses and Glazes?

First things first, what are these high-shine treatments? Temporary, demi-permanent-meaning they fade away instead of growing out-haircolor that can be clear or tinted. A glaze sits on top of the hair, while a gloss will infuse itself into your strands, so the color and/or shine will last a little longer. McGinely says that glosses, especially, “are a great way to color-correct quickly, since they are neutralizers.”

Glosses for Grey Blending

“[Glosses add] shine and beautiful color, they help make highlights stand out, enhance natural color, and make the hair look healthier, ” McGinely explains. “They’re also ideal for grey blending. [Glosses] can camouflage up to 50 to 70 percent of grey and last up to eight weeks before you have to go back,” she says, “which is longer than the every 4-5 week root touch-up appointments required with single-process color.” Plus, since glosses fade away there won’t be obvious lines of demarcation between new growth and the dye.

Get Your Gloss to Last

To make your gloss last, be sure to use only color-safe shampoos so you don’t wash out any of that gorgeous shine!