4 Ways to Warm Up Your Blonde Hair for Fall

I was the guest author and wrote this post for the Latest-Hairstyles. Enjoy! -Lisa

It’s FINALLY fall! I know we all love pulling out our sweaters and boots and drinking our pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks again. We change up our wardrobes to warmer clothes, but don’t forget about your blonde hair. Odds are, it needs to be warmed up too!

Our hair has been neglected during a summer full of swimming pools and ponytails, and the color has probably faded a bit due to sun exposure. So how can you freshen and warm up your blonde hair for fall? Here are a few tips…

How Low Can You Go?

I love adding lowlights to my blonde clients to get some dimension back into their hair for the winter months. This goes especially for highlighted blondes as their hair tends to look solid on the ends like an all over color after being in the sun too much. Keep close to your natural color, just add some warm tones into the mix. I would recommend Balayage or panel lowlights to keep your color from looking streaky or chunky. I know the thought of lowlights may scare some of you blondies, but this is actually a way to still look sun kissed with just a subtle, warmer change for the cool seasons ahead.

Go For The Gloss

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For the ladies rocking an all over blonde color, try a toner or gloss. After time, hair color always fades, especially in the summer time. Talk to your stylist about using a toner or gloss with your next color appointment. This will deposit a sheer color all over your hair and add lots of shine. Ask to look at the color swatches and tones with your stylist. Depending on what color you are aiming for, there are so many pretty blonde hues that are perfect for fall. I love Dialight. Dialight is a demi-permanent color line from Loreal Professional that is low in ammonia. You will love the shine it gives dry, summer-worn hair. Adding a gold tone or wheat/beige tone can add enough color to look different with out being too drastic.

Double Up

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If you are a double processed blonde, try lowlights, a gloss, or both! Adding lowlights and a toner/gloss is a great way to still stay blonde but feel and look different for the fall and winter months. Many double processed blondes are paler in the fall because they are not in the sun as much. By adding warmth back into your hair color, it actually warms up your skin tone too! Additionally, when you are ready to be all blonde again for spring and summer, it won’t be difficult to transition back at all.

Embrace Ombre

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Ombre is still one of the hottest color trends for all hair hues. Who would have ever thought having lighter ends and darker roots would be a TREND, let alone for this long! So why not rock it out and have some fun while low maintenance color is in style? It’s that easy. Not sure where to start? I typically stain the roots of my clients with their natural color or a shade darker, then add a toner/gloss on the ends. Adding a warmer tone to your old highlights can definitely look different and keep you low maintenance through the fall and winter months.

With any of these situations, I would definitely suggest to look at pictures, find what you like and bring it to your stylist. This way both of you are on the same page when it comes to your new look. Seasons change, so why not change your hair color too? Happy coloring blondies!